This is a special post, featuring the work of one of my very best friends, the creator and talent behind Blomma Floral and Design. Taryn Fleming has a knack for all things beautiful, and has built a thriving business which is a daily inspiration. As well as being a dear friend, her creativity and talent encourage me to become a better craftsman and to master my trade. Her art direction, styling, and beautiful floral arrangements truly made this shoot come to life. 

As I plunge head first into the world of photography, along with what that entails, I am overwhelmed by the love and support of my creative community. Nobody has to be a lone ranger, making their way through an intimidating and foreboding wold of cutthroat rivalry. In fact, one of my favorite things about the art scene of Kansas City, is the fact that there is an open door for collaboration, inclusion, and camaraderie.

This was an extra special project, as I had the privilege of working with some stunning and talented friends at every step. Tag teaming projects with fellow photographer and inspiration David K Pugh is always a treat, as well as getting to work with talented and beautiful models. (Thanks girls) :)

I am falling in love with what I do, and I hope you enjoy the results. 

Floral Designs/Art Directing | Taryn Fleming, Blomma Floral and Design
Models | Katlin Spain and Ida Patton