Newness. Adventure. Exploring a fresh environment.

We all live for the thrill of the unknown and hopeful journeys into areas uncharted. Whatever it is that motivates you into stepping out the front door in search of new horizons is most likely a call worth answering. Each day can be filled with opportunities to branch out of the mundane in hopes of experiencing something truly meaningful. In fact, some of the best adventures may often lie in the most common places. 

That is exactly what I discovered when location scouting with a fellow photographer in preparation for an upcoming shoot.

As much as I have grown to love the city I live in, my restless nature often leaves me gazing into the horizon, dreaming of my next trip outside the confines of the Midwest. I have learned to treasure experiences that shed a different light on my surroundings, drawing out a different quality that I may never have noticed. 

With these thoughts roaming through my mind, we set out across the bridge to our neighboring city to find the perfect spot. If you're familiar with Kansas City, MO then you're aware of the fact that Kansas City KANSAS is a run down ghost town of lost dreams and broken hearts. I may be being dramatic, but the "dark shadowy place" mentioned in The Lion King is in fact, Kansas City, Kansas. 

Tales of beauty amongst the urban decay is what led us on our fools errand across the river.

For the eleven years that I've lived in Kansas City, MO I have never ventured into KCK. Now I know how tragic that has been! Hunkering down for what seemed would be an extended drive, we actually arrived at our destination in just a few minutes. I feel like I discovered a whole new city right in my own back yard. Driving through the welcoming city gates delivered a sight to be expected; absolutely nothing. Nobody. The streets were abandoned. As we continued on, I was amazed by what we found. 

Messy Symmetry. That's the phrase that stuck in my mind. It's as if an entire city was frozen mid century, and preserved in a timeless vacuum. Maybe we arrived during an unusually quiet time, or maybe KCK is actually abandoned, but it made for an exciting shoot. Everything was new. Everything was run down. Everything was symmetrical. From light blues to vibrant oranges, every building seemed scattered around with little thought of placement or purpose. But it kind of worked for me. 

I know I literally just wrote a blog about driving five minutes down the street and taking pictures, but the point remains. Your surroundings can always be explored, renewed, and excavated. I found something wonderful in KCK, and I'm so glad to have discovered another part of my city to enjoy.