Jordan is a Kansas City local, and it was so much fun setting up this shoot with her! I'm steadily gathering more equipment in my home studio, and it's been a blast watching it take shape. Photography has been extremely intuitive for me, and studio lighting is a completely different animal to grapple with.

When I'm working with natural light, I can confidently navigate my environment, and manipulate my surroundings to get the shots I have in my head. Studio lighting opens the door to many different variables, and it has been so much fun figuring it all out! I gain more control, and the learning curve has been formidable, and I welcome the challenge!

I love the simplicity of Jordans outfit in these images, and it lends itself to a nostalgic feel. Jordan is beginning to enter the world of modeling, and these headshots are jumpstarting her portfolio. I wanted these images to be clean and expressive, whilst retaining a modern direction in the processing. I feel like we accomplished just that! I love working with body language and emotion, along with lighting and colour tones. Thanks for reading along!