Finally got around to blogging these images from a few weeks ago. We woke up way too early on a Saturday morning, bundled into a car, and made our way to Smithville MO, to catch the sunrise over the lake. Living in Kansas City can feel like being in a small town at times, and familiar haunts often become stale and boring. One of my favorite things about living in the Midwest is the ease of escaping the familiar, and exploring new places. There's a whole world out there, even if you're stuck in the middle of a huge country! 

John Brennan is a wonderful roommate and friend, along with being incredibly talented. Architect, engineer, designer, this dude is going places. Life is unpredictable, but I'm constantly inspired by this mans ability to hope for the best in every situation, and reach out to those around him.

Thanks for being a good friend, and always supplying me with whiskey and movies (I'm easy to please).