Ashley is new to Kansas City, and it was an honor working with her on this portrait session. A recent transplant from Wichita, Ashley has jumped headfirst into the flow of life in Kansas City, and already knows more people than I do! She is warm and friendly, and those characteristics brought such vibrance to this shoot. I always love working with new clients, and everybody brings something new to a session. Sometimes my job as a portrait photographer is creating a space where clients can feel free to let their guard down before I capture the winning shot. Other times, it’s simply keeping up with the natural flow, and releasing the shutter as the client moves and poses seamlessly. That’s one of the many things I love about photography; everybody is different. Every person behind the lens brings something fresh and unique. Every face and expression communicates experience beyond words, and client and photographer can work together to create an image rich in depth and meaning.


We decided to meet at a local coffee and juice spot, Unbakery and Juicery. Brookside is such a fun neighborhood, and is one of my favorite areas in the Kansas City metro to explore for shoot locations. The coffee shop is a rehabbed mid century building, and the clean lines mixed with vibrant greenery make it a wonderful space to enjoy. When location scouting, one of the first factors I take into consideration, is lighting. As a photographer, I am strongly influenced by the emotive power that light can bring to an image. This space has large windows that beautifully and intrinsically bounce the warmth of a bright Spring day inside. The bright, airy space is also home to a number of beautiful tropical plants, which I am constantly trying to keep alive in my own house. One day I will keep plants that don’t die. And I will file my taxes on time. And I will be a fully fledged adult. Right? 


Speaking of my home where plants go to die, I’ve been slowly acquiring equipment, and have a semi-functional studio! Natural light photography will always be my favorite, but I’m really enjoying learning about the nuances of studio photography. Bringing a model into a controlled lighting environment really opens up different possibilities for a shoot. I love the softness and confidence that Ashley brought to this photoshoot, both location and in studio.